So this is Christmas….

Christmas is coming early this year.  The signs of it are all around us.  The shops are full of Christmas cheer and many of our friends have already put up their trees.

Me?  Well the Christmas shopping is done in the main.  Shortly I will do a stock take of our decoration and tree and add or subtract everything that is required.

I am a big fan of Christmas but have to say that this year has a different feel to it.  It is the first year that neither of my parents will be around to celebrate – they both live overseas. It is the first year my hubby’s family is not hosting on Christmas Day. It is the first year that we will have a quiet Christmas Day at our house – just us and a few extra loved ones and I am looking forward to it.

Usually Christmas is a series of big and joyful events.  This year my hubby’s side is holding Christmas early to ensure all the children get to celebrate it together before part of the family moves away.  We have also decided that instead of going to my side of the family Christmas Eve for a big festive European Christmas (one of my favourite events of the year), we would have a quiet Christmas eve at home.

So what will Christmas look like for us?  Well Christmas eve will be fairly quiet although we will still celebrate the European Christmas by providing the boys with a Christmas box to open on the night – this will be full of necessities – PJs, Socks, Jocks and Books.  We will prepare for santa – ensure there is a glass of milk and some cookies and of course a carrot or two for those hard working reindeer.  We will go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up when we wake up (probably not as late as we would like).  I am sure the kids will be excited to see what Santa has brought them first thing in the morning – there will be no rush to open presents and then get dressed and go to the next thing.  It will be slow and each present will be savoured before moving on to the next.  Hubby may even make some yummy pancakes for brekkie and we will just lounge around in our new PJs for most of the morning (I’m very much assuming I am getting some – hint, hint hubby).

Lunchtime will come when we are ready – there will be no turkey or pudding (have never seen sense in these wintry meals in summer in Aus – although hubby may push for the pud).  Instead we will have a seafood feast followed by a traditional pav.  We will eat, drink and be merry to our hearts content without worrying about having to drive home, or to the next place.

This is sounding very ideal and I really can’t wait for it to come around!  Bring it on!

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