262 days….and working again!

Back to work.

Back to work.

262 days, that is when I last posted. Sad I know. I could come up with many excuses as to why or why not but they would be just that – excuses. I guess the passion for writing comes and goes like everything else. Have I been busy? Absolutely, life does go on, it never stands still and that is what I have been doing – living.


So why now? Probably because I finally feel like I have something I want to share.

Since stopping working I have been on a journey to find myself and what I am meant to do next. I have tried a few things which in the end have not resonated with me. In the mean time something interesting has been happening. I have naturally and automatically been using the skills I have had all along. No matter how far I have roamed from marketing (and I have been trying to run from it), I have been naturally pulled back to it – both in all my volunteer work at the school and even in talking to friends with businesses. I can’t seem to help myself.

The question that has been posed to me quite often is why am I running away from something I am clearly good at? The answer to that question is I don’t know – perhaps to try something different? But it looks like I won’t be running for much longer. As has often been the case with me and jobs, an opportunity has been presented to me to once again use these skills – and guess what? I am going to take it. Sometimes I wonder if the universe has plans for us that may not necessarily align with what we think we want, maybe it knows better than we do what is good for us? I believe this may be one of those times. So I am going to dip my toe back in the water and have a go….

In the meant time – I might even have a go at writing more posts on this lovely little blog!

….Now, what to wear….hmmmm might need to hit the shops.

Wish me luck! (Or maybe good management – lol)

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