Visiting Pa – who died in 2002.

Following on from my last blog about ghosts, my eldest son often talks about how he wished he had met Pa.  So yesterday we did the next best thing we could and took him to visit Pa’s grave.

Before we get to that part I have to share one of those “funny things that kids say” moments.  In working out the logistics of going to the cemetery (an hour and a half away), the eldest asked if we needed to “pack the shovel so we could dig Pa up to see him”.  The innocence of children….his dad and I tried to keep a straight face whilst we explained that this was not what happens when we visit a grave.

Pa must have known we were coming as he put on the sunshine for us to spend time with him, like he did for his funeral.  Hubby and I had not been there for a very long time so it was an emotional day for us all but the boys really loved going.  The boys sat with Pa and told him how they wished they had met him, they laid down on the grass and whispered some secrets and told him not to forget to look after Cadbury and Coco, the departed pet dogs.  They then looked up the clouds trying to work out which one Pa’s soul was on.

The boys also got to visit other family members from hubby’s side that had past away, they sat with each of them having a little conversation and learning about the family’s history and how each of them was connected to them.  It was fairly tough on hubby but he was grateful that the boys got to see the portion of his family that had passed away.

The eldest told me that he could feel Pa there with us and my little one who has a heightened sense of emotions of those around him was profoundly sad.  Being 6 he could only articulate it by saying that even though he was happy to be there he felt really sad – that he could almost feel the tears coming.   We had to explain to him that feeling sad was normal and that it was ok for him to feel that way.

After sitting silently for a little more time with Pa pondering on life whilst overlooking a very beautiful country view, we finally left.     It was a beautiful day. Thank you Pa.

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