Kids and illnesses

Earlier this week my house was full of sickies.  The eldest had gastro, the youngest a cough and I am still recovering from a very horrid cold.

The funny thing about this (no comedy at all), is when it decides to hit us.  I have a husband whose work requires some travel.  He can go months without travelling and then hit a month full of travel days.  And guess when the illnesses hit?  90% of the time they hit when he is travelling.  Grrrr.  I have a girlfriend who has the same thing happen to her family.  I wonder if we are the only ones?

The interesting thing about this situation is that half the time my husband travels we forget to tell the kids – it happens regularly enough for them to be use to it and it is usually only 1 or 2 nights.  Yet somehow their immune systems seems to hone in on it and know exactly when to break down.  Sigh.

Luckily I am no longer working,  when I was it was worse.  As awesome as my employer was about work life balance I still felt extremely bad about the number of times I had to take off days to look after my babies.  So glad I am able to be at home for them without feeling guilty when they need me.  Having said that I have found that the number of times they get sick has decreased since I stopped working.  Perhaps the shorter days ensures they are not so run down?

Well at least this bout is nearly over.  Today both kids went off to school and I have a chance to rest some more to get rid of my horrid cold.

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