Saying goodbye to my five year old and hello to my six year old child.

So my youngest cheeky monkey is turning 6 tomorrow.  How time flies when you are having fun!  Not sure how anyone else feels but I always find that the night before my child’s birthday I feel really nostalgic and sad.  I think about the year that was and how quickly they are growing.  When I am putting my cheeky monkeys to bed on the night before their birthday I always say goodbye to the child that was and tell them that I will miss them but that I am very excited about the prospect of meeting their new, older self the next morning.  

It has been such a big year for my little five year old. He has started school, has learnt to read and has challenged himself to learn new things.  He has singlehandedly introduced his whole family to a new sport and has taken all of us on many adventures thanks to his wild imagination.  

I really will miss my five year old but I know that my 6 year old will be just as amazing, full of surprises, hugs and adventures for us all to follow.  

The only wish I have for him is that over the next year and the rest of his life he remains the healthy, happy, fun loving and caring cheeky monkey he is.  

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