Kids and chores

Growing up I hated doing chores.  From washing clothes to vacuuming to cooking I did it and really did not appreciate any of it until I moved out.  I have friends who never had to lift a finger and found it really hard to transition to a situation where they had to do it all.

So, I have started them young.  Masters 6 and 8 have been involved in washing/putting away their clothes since they were four and have now taken on more responsibility – taking the rubbish out, clearing their place from the table after a meal and emptying a clean dishwasher.  This is on top of making their own beds (still learning but the effort is what counts) and tidying their rooms and rumpus room.

Originally I paid them to do these chores but have come to the conclusion that really, they need to learn how to do this so that one day when they move out they will be able to look after themselves.   They have a great role model in their dad so as far as they are concerned keeping the house clean and tidy is everyone’s job.

My youngest has also started to ask to help cook and if I am making something fun I let them both help but I figure that they already do more than enough at their age to contribute to the house.

2 thoughts on “Kids and chores

  1. I always got my kids to do chores when they were little. I told them they’re are 6 of us in the family and one person can’t do everything. So they would vacuum or do the dishes or cook or what ever had to be done.Now they are all older and they always thank me for letting them cook etc because their friends have no idea how to cook and they are so grateful they don’t have to but take away food!!


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