“So what do you do all day?”

If you are a stay at home mum you have probably been asked this questions many times, usually from a working mum who is intrigued by your choice to stay home – I know I asked this question of my mummy friends when I worked.  Being a busy career woman I could not fathom how someone could keep busy all day long – especially if they didn’t have children at home.

So now that I am home I have been asked this question by some of my friends and I have to say I am surprised at how busy I get given I don’t have any children home with me during the day.

So what do I do all day?  Well besides all the house work and washing which we all have to do regardless of whether we work or not, I also volunteer.  I volunteer at my kids school – both in class and I help out with school banking and any other activities that require parents to help out.  I also help out with their sporting clubs so over winter I was washing a whole football team’s worth of jumpers, I was helping out at Auskick AND I am now helping set up a new basketball club in our area where my boys will play.  I am part of the club’s committee and am their sponsorship/fundraising person which means I am out there having lots of meetings and organising things. Oh…. and I am now writing for this little blog.

The biggest difference I have found between this busy and work busy is that I am truly the master of my own time – I am doing things that I am enjoying and that contribute not just to my boys experiences but also to the community I live in.   I am not just helping my boys in class, in fact I am more likely to be helping yours, and I am ensuring your kids as well as mine have a great experience in their sporting endeavours by helping out – because I want to and luckily I can.  I know many mums and dads wish they could stay home more too but finances come into play.

Between all of these activities, going to the gym (when I get there) and looking after the boys and all of their requirements my days and my weeks fly by!

There is definitely no room for boredom in my life nor do I feel like a piece of me is missing – I get plenty of me time in this mayhem and I am loving it.

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