Father’s Day in our house a – bittersweet celebration

In our house Father’s Day is bittersweet.

photoWe shower my hubby with all the love and attention he deserves.  Today, we took him out for breakfast for crepes, he got lots of presents from his boys including the beautiful key ring pictured from Alexa Lane (drawing courtesy of my youngest – of him and daddy playing with lightsabers) and some lovely lungo coffee cups from Nespresso amongst all the cool gadgets from the school Father’s Day stall.

But there is another side,  the bitter side.  My husband lost his dad on Father’s Day 2002.  He slipped away in the early hours of father’s day after battling cancer.  My own (natural) father took his own life when I was 21 – I had not really known him and had always had plans to find him.  And to top it all off my mother and my stepdad (the man who brought me up and my dad to me), have divorced and he is now living overseas.

So whilst we spend the day celebrating the beautiful relationship my husband has with our boys our thoughts do stray to these men who are missing from these celebrations.  And our boys always ask about them – especially today.   My eldest is very sensitive so he is usually the one to bring them up.

I know there are lots of dads missing today from all the celebration so I say Happy Father’s Day to all the dads – those on earth and those that have left us – you will always be cherished whether you are physically present or not.

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