Saying goodbye to my five year old and hello to my six year old child.

So my youngest cheeky monkey is turning 6 tomorrow.  How time flies when you are having fun!  Not sure how anyone else feels but I always find that the night before my child’s birthday I feel really nostalgic and sad.  I think about the year that was and how quickly they are growing.  When I am putting my cheeky monkeys to bed on the night before their birthday I always say goodbye to the child that was and tell them that I will miss them but that I am very excited about the prospect of meeting their new, older self the next morning.  

It has been such a big year for my little five year old. He has started school, has learnt to read and has challenged himself to learn new things.  He has singlehandedly introduced his whole family to a new sport and has taken all of us on many adventures thanks to his wild imagination.  

I really will miss my five year old but I know that my 6 year old will be just as amazing, full of surprises, hugs and adventures for us all to follow.  

The only wish I have for him is that over the next year and the rest of his life he remains the healthy, happy, fun loving and caring cheeky monkey he is.  

What will I become when I grow up? Part 1 of many….

Yep.  Since giving up work my imagination has run wild on this topic.  What will I become?  Should I be studying during the day so that when the time comes I have another qualification under my belt? Well,  I answered one part of this question – I don’t think I am cut out to be a psychologist.  I enrolled thinking that I could combine the love I have for my kids with something professional – child psychology.  Boy there is a lot of work involved in studying psychology and I hate statistics.  I tried on the course for two weeks but soon came to the realisation that as a perfectionist there would be no way I could study this course and have a life at the same time.  The course suggested I needed to spend 20 odd hours on it but I ended up spending more time than I had and my home life began to suffer.  All of a sudden the reason I left work – to spend more time with the kids was lost.  So back to square 1 on that front.  Child Psychologist – cross that one off my list.

Why mummamorphis?

After living the corporate high life for 20 years as a Marketing Manager for some fairly big corporations I have decided it is time for a change. I have two cheeky monkeys who are growing up too quickly and even though I had managed to create some balance in the first years of their lives I have come to the realisation that soon enough they are going to be too cool to want to hang out with their mum so I have decided to put the corporate world behind me and concentrate on them.  I am going to volunteer at their school and sports clubs, I am going to sit down with them to do their homework and I am hoping that somewhere along the line I will find out what my next calling will be.

Mummamorphis is my way of not only sharing my journey through this transition, I am hoping that it will also lead me to where I need to go next.

Ms A.